Supporting IPv6

IPv6 is the next generation internet protocol which improves scalability of the internet to support it's growth in the future, in various ways:

an IPv4 address is notated as 4 decimal bytes (number between 0 and 255), separated by dots; an example would be:

an IPv6 address is notated as 8 hexadecimal 16 bits words (number between 0 and ffff), separated by colons, and the longest run of zero words can be reduced to "::"; an example would be: 2001:db8:1:23::456

ipv6 support button

I made the 88x31 button after not finding something like it in a brief search, with the intention of showing to others that one is "for" ipv6, and puts effort into supporting it technically. You can use the button image for similar purposes, without my permission, however, the turtle is from the KAME project, copyright status is unclear, and i will stop using it on request from the owners.

my goals met to support ipv6:

i have some simple test pages for ipv6 connectivity:

link with both ipv4 and ipv6
link with only ipv4
link with only ipv6