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right it like this.
This is just silly. why do people make these mistakes so often? feel free to submit ones you encounter, be sure to include the sentence, and source if appropriate

"I'm just smart enough not to pay $600 plus for a first revision machine that will probably brake down to play a load shitty launch titles!"

"Me and my cousin used to brake into houses"

"why do i waist my time with you?" (translated manga)

"my sails contract says i can live here till i die for $100 a month"

"alcohol - Because know matter how hard you try you'll always be Hermione" (demotivator)

"Gangsta - They put the sites on top for a reason" (demotivator)

"wow guys... wtg... be greatful that (...) is even here for you to get your games, that should be enough, cover scans are a bonus"

"By know everone knows that due to overscan you'll miss about ten procent of the picture on all sides."

"someone hacked into my computer and I want to sew him, I sent him a file through msn and used 'netstat -n' to get his ip address."

"You weren't aloud to know who your twin brother was"

"you didnt learn to read nor right..."

"Crappy attempt to insight an argument duly noted and disregarded"

"My hamster has a plastic wheel and it is pretty quite"

"We sensor TV, radio based on what our society had deemed inappropriate"

"extreme mail brain"

"GB/GBC/GBA: VisualBoy Advance (The rest pails in comparison)"

"kids in the US were GPS devices now"

"cause they can only produce peek power for short periods"

"btw why did you declair war on me?"

"dropped a piano on mu toe a weak ago .. almost lost the hole nail"

"And Pump copied ddr to. all they did was make the aeros go diaganall"

"Everyone else just stood around and excepted it"

"i don't no yet"

"god them you guys are lame"

"the other spair parts"

"now to look threw the damn skins I found"

"if I had the money, I would get stralized"

"I got one but whats that blue and write thing on it"

"he claims that Carmageddon and Death race 2000 were tottaly defrent things... (their not, for example the red razor car"

"go for whats best at the lowest price possible weather its mac or pc."

"Please bare in mind that ..."

"although I did find it humerus when ..."

"the problem exists some ware else"

"A fun wild hangout spot for anyone who wants to drop bye"

My theory is that most people "know" two words with the same sound (for example, "waist" and "waste"), as a single word with two meanings - they know/identify words primarily by their sound, and using the correct spelling is extra, unnatural, effort on top of that.
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